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Four: Shattered Self

"Aaah!" I screamed - then screamed again, clutching my throat, as I heard my voi-that was NOT MY VOICE!

I looked down and saw - red, so much red was it blood was I -

Then I saw my chest. And all thoughts of mortality fled from my mind.

"Eeee?!?" another scream pushed out as I saw the full, perfect breasts - a scream that turned into a gasp when I grasped them in shock.

I let go immediately, disturbed to the core. My... my skin! It felt so... smooth, like some sort of, of plastic - a-and yet when I touched my... my...

"Wha-wha-wha- what's going on?!?"

I tried to climb off the bed - and promptly fell off, my body moving in a completely different way than it used to. That's when I first noticed the hooves, and my calves - like... like an animal's legs. A horse or a goat or a...

And... and between those legs. It was gone! And in its place -

"No, oh no no..."

Like a newborn colt I struggled to rise, my... hooves clip-clopping on the alley floor, my knees bending towards each other unnaturally all while my hands tried o simultaneously push me up and cover my new private par-


"Eeyah!" I scream again, falling on my rear as some THING swoops up from behind me to cover my groin.

It... it was a tail. As I watched, as my heart rate rose with my panic, my new appendage slithered around my left leg, as if it was itself terrified of what I'd become.

I stood up, slowly, trying not to panic, trying so hard not to panic, even as my legs trembled in terror.

"What... what did she do to me?" I whispered. "What... what am I going to do..."

That was when I saw it - my basketball jersey, draped over a cracked mirror.

Painfully aware all of a sudden of my utter nakedness, I took a small step towards the jersey, doing my best not to fall. it was hard... harder than it had any right to be. My damn body seemed to want to... undulate as it moved, and the stupid tail kept on getting in the way... Ysabel had turned me into some sort of monster, I just knew it.

Until I saw my reflection in the mirror.

"Ysabel," I breathed, in a high-pitched soprano that I did not recognize at all.

"She... she made me... into her..."

But no - that wasn't the case. Even as I spoke I realized the redness of her skin had been darker, while mine was more... pink, I realized, to my completely-non-sequetir embarrassment. Her hair had been golden blonde - mine was still brown. And she had had horns while I...

"Oh no..." I gingerly touched the top of my head. There they were... smaller than Ysabel's, but definately there.

Breathless I took it all in... whatever I was, I was female - utterly female.

Utterly beautiful.

My  eyes were about the only part of me that I recognized, and even these were changed, feminized. My eyes were wider now, rounder, with lashes like you would not believe - but at least they were still shaped like human eyes, even if there was a strange splash of yellow where once they had only been brown. My ears though looked like rejected props from the Lord of the Rings elves, pointy and twitchy, sticking out from my head like sideview mirrors. My body itself was perfect, impossibly so, like I'd been sculpted by a crack-team of sculptors whose talents were only surpassed by their lechery. Breasts, waist, hips... all perfect, all covered by that shiny, plastic-like substance which seemed so artificial, yet which I'd already seen was more sensitive than my own flesh.

My own...

I stared at the gorgeous apparition. She stared back at me, with a look of terror mixed with wonder. One red-pink hand slowly rose, slowly moved forward... until it seemed to be touching mine.

It was mine.

I... was she.

"No no no!" I gasped, and suddenly my tail whipped out, shattering the mirror, sending it's shards falling broken to the ground.

"Hey man! D'you hear that?"

Voices! At first I was ecstatic - people, normal people were nearby!

Then I realized I was naked.... I realized just how I looked...

With a gasp I hurriedly pulled on the jersey. As a shirt it was about a dozen sizes too large for me - had I shrunk too? - but as a... dress... it was ridiculously short, barely coming down to mid thighs - and leaving my inhuman legs and tail for all the world to see.

"A B and E you think?"

"If so it ain't any _we_ authorized! Let's roll..."

The voices were coming closer, and as they did my fear grew. I was a freak! What would people think when they saw me? They'd kill me!

"Please..." I found myself whispering as I backed further into the alley. "Please please please..."

I don't know what I was asking for. Don't know who I was asking it from. But as my back hit the wall where the alley dead-ended, I knew I'd have promised anyone anything to look like something other than a demoness.

"Hey! I think there's someone here!" I froze as the voice called out. Soon after, a pair of teen-age toughs was walking into the alley, both wearing gang colors, their eyes searching, scanning.

They stopped when they saw me.

"I... It's a costume, just a costume..." I squeaked out, expecting them to scream in fear at any moment.

Instead, they smiled. They... leered.

"Well, well, well... look what we have here..." said one of the gang members, licking his lips in a way that, for some reason, disturbed me.

"Sweeeet costume babe," said the other, running his hands through his hair, "What's the theme - 'Less is More'?"

Confused, I looked down - to see normal human flesh covering my body. I raised my hands to my cheeks - flesh, human flesh. A quick glance behind me confirmed my tail was gone, and a quick glance to the front...

I stared down at my chest, blinked once, twice... then blushed furiously as I realized that looking like a human again didn't mean I looked at all like I used to.

"Aw, look at her blush... you embarrassed her y'moron..."

My head snapped back up. The two gang members had moved closer - they were only about ten feet away now, their eyes devouring me like... like men's eyes devoured any pretty girl. And if I looked anything like I had awhile ago... I was drop dead gorgeous.

"I... I'm not..." I began to say, but I couldn't say anything. If I claimed I wasn't a girl, who would believe me?

"Don't be shy girl... We just want to be your friends. You _are_ the friendly kind aren't ya?"

"Um... I-I..." I stammered, completely out of sorts, completely off balance from the way they were looking at me, from how... scared I was.

"That your boyfriend's jersey you wearing sweetie?"

I was shaking my head in a negative before I realized it might have been better if I'd pretended... what? That I had some sort of... protector? When have I needed someone to protect me?

(Right now...) said a traitorous voice in my head.

"Besid High eh? You're not the type who's only friendly with rich kids right? You know cash don't make the man right?"

"Nah," the other said, "She's probably just one of them basketball groupies of whats-is-face? Dalton - Damon..."

"Pish, gloryhound. What I wouldn't give to teach that snot a lesson..."

I grit my teeth and had to fight down a mix of fear, outage... and shame. Just yesterday I could have walked into a room of dangerous guys and consider myself to be in no real danger. Now with just these two, I suddenly realized how much smaller than them I was, how much lighter... weaker...

I swallowed hard and began to inch my way towards one side of the alley, my eyes darting from side to side. "I-I really need to be g-going now..."

The two moved casually to block my path outwards. "What's the rush sweetie? You meeting someone? Going on a date?"

The other snorted. "Dressed like that, the only dates she's trolling for are the paying kind..."

I blushed furiously, deeply shamed even by such an outrageous lie. I tried in vain to pull the jersey down lower - but that only served to cause my new breasts to almost pop out of the top.

"Oh man, those puppies look all cooped up in there... why don't we set them free..."

He reached for me, and my heart practically exploded through my chest.

"Stay away from me!"

I was tired, weak, but the adrenaline pumping in my veins gave me a panicked speed, and I shot between the two gang members before they could stop me -

- just as another one appeared at the alleymouth.

"Hey slackers! The boss says to-"

"Carrel! Get that girl!"

I bit back an anguished sob as I stopped, whirling, desperately seeking some place to escape, to hide -

- there! A door, almost hidden by the garbage. I ran, gasping, pleading that it not be locked please let it not be -

*kchnk* *kchnk*

"No no no no...."

It was locked. I pulled at the knob, pounded on the door, sobbing, crying.

"Please, please open, please, somebody, anybody he - eeek!"

I screamed in dismay as one of the boys grabbed my wrists and spun me around, pinning me against the door.

"Guess you're not so friendly after all," he sneered, his eyes glued to my heaving chest. "Well, I know a way to make girls really friendly... Really friendly..."

He licked his lips. Ice shot up through my spine.

*kchnk* *k-click*

- and then I was falling backwards as the door opened wide, letting out a barrage of rock music blaring from within. A quick, strong arm stopped my fall, encircling my waist with ease.

"Whoa there," I heard a deep, languid voice say - a voice which tickled memories long buried."You okay?"

The guy who had pinned me had let go and had taken a step backwards, flanked by his two friends. Now he took a belligerent step forward and pointed at the new arrival.

"Hey! Best get back to your party boy, and leave us to ours, if you know what's good for you..."

"No, please," I gasped, turning my fce towards the newcomer, my eyes seeking his face. "Please they-"

My eyes met his - and widened in horrified recognition.

(No...) said a small, despairing voice in my head, (Not you... of all the people in the world... Not you!)

His eyes however were merely puzzled, half lidded in laziness as was usual. Then those eyes took in my tear-streaked face, my scantily covered body, and the three gang members loitering just outside.

Those eyes narrowed... and suddenly I felt a stab of sympathy for the gang members.

"I'd leave if I were you," he said, in a low, dangerous voice as he stepped in front of me. My view was blocked by his broad shouldered frame, and the guita he had strung on his back.

"Yeah?" I heard one of the gang members say. "You think you can take on all three of us tough gu-"


I blinked - the guitar was on the floor now - what was left of it anyway. As was one of the gang members.

"Oh, I'm sorry - I only counted two," the guitarist apologized half-heartedly. "My bad - I'd have run away for sure if I'd known there were three of you..."

But no one was around to hear his witty banter anymore, the gang members fleeing the crazy guitarist with the piercing stare.

A stare I knew only too well.

"Hey!" he said as I slumped to the ground, shaking, the world starting to swim once again... "Are you alright? Did they do anything to..."

"Leave me..." I whispered.

"Don't be stupid," he said, reaching down to help me up. He placed his hands beneath my arms - but I used the last of my strength to push away.

"Leave... me... alone!"

"Geez lady, you weren't so shy accepting my help a second ago," he snapped, clearly annoyed.

"D-don't need your help..." I gasped, struggling to keep the darkness at bay. "D-don't want N-not... not from you... Kyle..."

He stared at me, surprised.

"Do I... know you?"

I knew you once, I wanted to say. A long time ago. Before you stabbed me in the back...

But by then my body had given out completely, and my eyes rolled back in my head as I fell into oblivion.
Satyri are (c) DPRagan: [link]

Ah... finally. I see the need to setup everything, and the journey is part of the joy, but the payoff is always the initial transformation/reaction. Now the fun really begins :-)

How do you guys like it so far?

Thanks again to DP!

More info specifically on the Satyri can be found here: [link]

I couldn't really find anything specific on how a new Satyri would learn to disguise herself as human, so for my purposes I'm going with the theory its an instinctive thing.

P.S. Does anyone know how to upload pics with the text? I've seen a few prose submissions with pictures on top (Like the Satyri FAQ)
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Darthzilla Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
You're the same Griever who wrote Angel Fire on Magical Sailor Fuku, aren't you? The writing style and art looks like it- plus Nick/Cole's reaction to getting rescued after her TG by an old friend who she feels betrayed her echoes Reiji, Akira and Ken's fate.

Please continue this, I'm evil and want to see the protagonist flail around awkwardly trying to get her human life back and reconnect with her friends and explain why she's a satyri now or perhaps do the opposite and try to hide that fact. :)
halohead Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009
I have to say, you are a great writer, i hope you continue this series soon, it is really good.
Xeno426 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Crap, I meant to hit "Preview" first to make sure UBB code worked. Guess I failed. :/
Xeno426 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Well, at least you haven't completely dropped off the radar like a lot of people. Why haven't you posted this on any of the TG sites, like [url=[link] Big Closet[/url], [url=[link] Stories[/url], or [url=[link] Fictionmania used to be another good site, but it's been down for so long I don't think it's ever coming back up.
Xeno426 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
Nothing new in over four months. I hope you haven't abandoned this story.
That would make me a sad panda. :(
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009
I hope I haven't either @_@ Depends on real life as usual...
otherunicorn Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
Hmm... you stopped....
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008
Well, temporarily. I dont think its fair to proceed on anything else till the requests get done, and I just havent had the time to draw... :(
angelsgem Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
waiting for more, impatiantly. XD
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
Glad you liked it! Will try to make sure you don't wait i vain!
KingdomsShield Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
I like this series. More please!
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
Glad to hear it! Will do my best to comply! :-)
SinNightfall Featured By Owner May 6, 2008
Part 4! whoot! love it! ^^ Got all four added to favorites now. I do enjoy reading it thus far. Hope to see a little more if by ya get motivated for some. :3
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
Oh don't worry, I mean to see this through. Did you see the pic as well? :-) Really glad you like the story!
theblackdragoness Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
AWESOME! A gender reajustment will do that to anyone, LIVE WITH IT! :evillaugh:
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
Thanks! No sympathy for poor Cole eh? :-) Well looks like she doesn't have any choice in the matter, but she's not likely to believe that :-)
theblackdragoness Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
DPRagan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice I forget the specifics on it but I think there is a cover image option.
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
The preview pic thing? Oh alright, will try that next time then. Thanks David :-)
DPRagan Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
also remember Unguligrade legs on satyri are normal to the knee, shortened calves and lower legs and extremely long feet ending in hooves(toe nails) ;)

More reading from my Journal that might inspire you
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
Thanks David :-) I missed one of those links before so this is good... more Satyri info means I have a better chance staying faithful to the material :-)
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